About "The Scotia School"

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. A short trip not too far from where Lucas is from.

We (Lucas and Chihiro) first met at Acadia University, which is a small school in the countryside of Lucas' home province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Later we moved to Vancouver (British Columbia) together where Lucas finished his master's degree, before eventually deciding to move to Japan. 

Now, we're located in Moriyama city in Shiga prefecture, where we've been living since 2018. We have a daughter, two cats, and an assortment of other critters too (fish, crayfish, beetles, etc.!) We also have a garden where Lucas likes to grow hot peppers and things like that.

To be honest, we've really fallen in love with the beauty of Lake Biwa and the surrounding areas. Lucas was the main teacher at a franchise school called "AIC Yasu" in nearby Yasu city for about 4 years before deciding in 2022 that he wanted open his own school with Chihiro. We want to meet as many people as possible and try to make a positive impact on the wonderful community around us. The people around here are simply so friendly!














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